Episode 54 – Kidney Stones

On this special episode, we celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary, Josh’s 42nd birthday, and of course, the sudden attack of the kidney stones. What a way to celebrate!

Between being at the Island, spending a week in Poulsbo, and encountering a cross wave big enough to clear the counters on the boat, it was quite a week.

Sorry for the late episode!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 54 – Kidney Stones

  1. Jeff Simpson says:

    Hi Josh!

    We met on the dock in Poulsbo a few weeks ago. My 28′ Bayliner was almost bow to bow with yours.

    I can so relate as I’ve had kidney stones myself, a couple of times now. They seem to come on very suddenly and hard. It is a great contingency lesson to learn from to get others skilled up in boat handling. We are not there yet either!

    Here’s to smooth seas and no more kidney stone attacks!


    1. dropanchorpodcast says:

      Hey Jeff! Yeah – kidney stones are no joke, but the bright side is that it certainly taught me about the importance of having some backup on the boat. Kendra has been a little nervous about taking the helm near the docks, but she agrees that it is important. We’ll get it!

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