2 thoughts on “Episode 4 – Mini: Crazy Update

  1. Shawn Phillips - Vagabond - 42 ft Grand Banks Classic says:

    As you can see by the waiting lists, it’s not crazy.. I live on the west coast of Florida
    for now and have been planning the same for 2 years now.. We just bought a 42 ft Grand Banks Classic Trawler in Chattanooga, Tn.. That’s about 1000 miles from our home.. I made the trip on the Tennessee river, Tombigbee river and across the Gulf of Mexico to Hudson Fl. Where the boat will be redone and from there moving to Daytona Beach Fl to the Halifax Harbor Marina where we will live aboard.. Everything will be within walking distance like restaurants and shopping.. Here in Florida there are no waiting lists that I know of, but its also more affordable to live here on land than where you all are.. But I’m totally with you in your choices to live in a Marina.. Boat people are much better than land locked people.. Love your podcast so far.. Keep the inspirational stuff coming.. You guys sound like your having fun with it too.. Thank you, Shawn..

    1. dropanchorpodcast says:

      Ah, cool! We love the Grand Banks, and have looked at a few on our hunt for a good boat. There’s one out in Tacoma, Washington that’s just beautiful, but just a tad out of our price range.
      The waiting list situation in Washington is challenging. The state requires that all the marinas in the sound only allow 10% of their slips to be liveaboard, so people out here wait for a very long time.
      Also, thanks so much for listening to the podcast. We’re having a blast!

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