Episode 8 – Mini: Happy Anniversary

To celebrate our 17th Anniversary (of our marriage, not our podcast), we decided to talk a bit about how we met. It’s just as crazy of a ride as our boat trips! It’s not a particularly romantic story, but it’s our story.

Stick around long enough to hear the boat content at the end!

Drop Anchor Podcast
Drop Anchor Podcast
Figuring out life on a boat with 3 teenage daughters, 2 dogs, a cat, a gecko. It's an adventure! Join us as we figure this out, and maybe learn a thing or two with us!
Ep 8 - Mini: Happy Anniversary

Kendra and Josh tell their "how they met" story, and really, it's not romantic at all.

Also, because this is a podcast about boats, find out if we are buying the boathouse or not!

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